Our core work is individual, couple, family and group psychotherapy for anxiety, depression, phobias, relationship issues, addictive behaviors, trauma, etc. We offer cognitive behavioral, short term, symptom focused, and more intensive psychotherapy. We focus on the most appropriate and effective treatment. When indicated, we work closely with our psychiatrists to combine medication with psychotherapy to achieve the best outcomes.

Our psychiatrists are experienced and skilled in the use of the most current medication treatments for depression, anxiety, severe emotional disorders, and attention deficit disorders. Many of our patients find therapy helpful on its own; for some, medications alone provide the desired outcomes, while for many, the combination of medication and psychotherapy proves successful.

Because we have a large and diverse staff, we are able to choose the most appropriate and helpful provider for each client. Clinician and client work together to develop an individualized treatment plan, designed to maximize the potential for a successful outcome.

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